How to Fix Internet Failed to Connect to Server Problem

Just like Internet Speed, The internet connection is not 100℅ stable all the time. Many times you will be facing some issues related to server connections. For instance, there is a famous internet connection related problem will show you an error message saying “Failed to connect to server .” These problems can be caused due to many reasons. One of the biggest reason is the unavailability of connections. There are also some other for the connection issues like the firewall, security software, and IP Addresses. If any of these are not configured probably, you internet will not work, and it won’t connect to the server.

There are numbers of ways you can fix the problem of Not connecting to the server. If you are not able to log in to the server for an individual site or anything in general, then don’t worry you are not the only one out here. I’m here to help you and will try to make you solve your issue. Carefully read the instructions below so that you can fix your internet problem.

Login to your wifi routers dashboard now at 192.168.l.l Admin login or Admin Login.

Ways to Fix Internet Failed to Connect to Server

Fix Internet Failed to Connect to Server Problem

First of all don’t get such in a hurry to fix this problem. You need to be patient and find out what is causing the problem.

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  1. Check your IP Address. Check if you misspelled some words in your address.
  2. Ask one of your friends to connect to the same server. If they can log into the server, that means the problem is in your network or router. (Most of the problems cause because of the network and router)
  3. Now check your Firewall and make sure it is configured. If your Firewall is configured, then check your Router and the wires connected to your PC and switch.
  4. Disable all the SPI firewall, DDoS Protection and Flood protection if they are not disabled.
  5. Check your security software because it might block some ports and protocols.

Carefully check all the things written above and you will not face the server problem again.

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