How to Use SD Card on JioFi as WiFi Cloud Storage Space

You know you can insert an SD card into your JioFi device, don’t you? Have you ever thought that you can use it as cloud storage space? Well, here we are going to do it. Must Read: 10 best gaming routers for 2018.

How You Can Use SD Card Of JioFi

Use SD Card on JioFi as WiFi Cloud Storage Space

Before we get into the core of this article, you should know that one can use the SD card on JioFi in three ways. (You can switch between storage modes from jiofi.local.html admin page to use each).

  1. Local storage: If you enable this mode, the files in SD card can only be accessed via computer using a USB cable.
  2. Internet storage: In order to enable the cloud service, you should activate internet storage. Once you enable this, anyone can access the content using the proper credentials.
  3. WiFi storage: WiFi storage is used to share files among the users who use the same wireless network (that’s from JioFi).

Check Admin Login.

How to Use SD Card On JioFi As WiFi Storage

Now, let’s begin. All you have to do is follow the step by step guide mentioned below.

Step 1: First, you should insert an SD card into your JioFi device. Ensure you insert it properly.

Step 2: Connect the wireless network to the device you are going to use. Then, open a browser and enter the address of the configuration page; jiofi.local.html.

jiofi admin dashboard

Step 3: If you didn’t change the credentials at all, that would be “administrator” (both username and password).

login to jiofi router

Step 4: Once you get yourself into the configuration page, go to Settings.

Step 5: On the screen that comes up, you can see a tab named Storage. You see four options there. Let me explain each one of them.

Help info image

Storage account:- You must enable this to use JioFi as a storage device. Disabling this option will limit the usage as a wifi hotspot only.

Username:- Note the fact that this is not the username of the entire hotspot. This one corresponds to the use of storage. You can keep it as it is (sdcard) or change it if you want.

Password:- When someone tries to access the files on your SD card, it will ask for the username and password. The default one is sdcard. But I recommend you change it.

Storage mode:- As I told you already, there are three options available. If you want to use it as a universal cloud space, keep the internet storage option. In order to restrict the access to those who use JioFi network only, go with WiFi Storage.

Also check Password and Username Admin Login.

Once you make appropriate selections, save the changes. There you go. You should keep a note of the URL to access the files on the SD card as in a cloud space.

Moreover, don’t forget to keep a note of the credentials as well.

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